Drive more revenue &
demand by working
with college athletes

Leverage college athletes for influencer marketing campaigns, referral programs, live events, or something completely unique.

Achieve your goals
with our tech and team

Dreamfield provides the technology, advice, and campaign management to help brands find success with NIL marketing.

Identify The Right Athletes

Find athletes with the most engaged followers that fit your target audiences. Get the best results.

Manage Campaign Logistics

Our team sources athletes, coordinates campaigns, and keeps everything on track.

Process payments

The Dreamfield platform handles all aspects of payments, including tax the forms.

Measure the impact

Review performance with our Post Game Analytics dashboard or get a customized report.

Keep deals compliant

It's our business to know the rules and make sure your deal doesn't violate them.

What our customers are saying

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Sam Doerr, Chief Strategy Officer

Florida Panthers

"Being able to sign deals with and manage more than 100 athletes from Florida Atlantic University was not something we could have accomplished alone. The Dreamfield team not only got all those athletes under contract and out to our events, but they also made our end of the deal incredibly easy."

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