Mercedes is launching a brand new electric vehicle and you could be there to showcase it. This one-week campaign promises a lot of visibility and fun.

The campaign will require multiple Instagram posts and videos leading up to the launch event that hype the new EQS.

And you’ll appear in person at the Test Drive Experience on launch day to meet fans and engage with national media.


  • Opens: 9/24/2021
  • Closes: 10/1/2021
  • Format: Closed Campaign


To be considered, there are a few things you will need to commit to doing. 

  1. One Instagram post and one story announcing your partnership with Mercedes Benz and showing the car.
  2. An Instagram story inviting fans to come to the test drive event, and a feed post with pictures after the event.
  3. Personal appearances before and at the launch event, including photoshoots.
  4. Ensure any posts you make on social media comply with FTC guidelines (

How to apply

This is a closed campaign, meaning that Mercedes-Benz USA will be reaching out to athletes directly. To be eligible, you must have a profile on Dreamfield.

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